Shocking!Former UK Prime Minister, Cameron Pressured Me To Legalize Same Sex Marriage – Jonathan


Dr Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria former president has revealed that the Former Prime minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, used envoys to ‘threaten’ him over his refusal to pass laws legalising Gay Marriage in Nigeria.

Jonathan’s explosive response is coming after the Former PM accused Jonathan of refusing help from the UK to rescue the Chibok Girls.

“As President of Nigeria at that time, I came under almost unbearable pressure from the Cameron administration to pass legislation supporting LGBTQ Same-Sex marriage in Nigeria. My conscience could not stomach that, because as President of Nigeria, I swore on the Bible to advance Nigeria’s interests, and not the interest of the United Kingdom or any foreign power.”

“As such, on Monday, January 13, 2014, I signed the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill into law after the Bill had been passed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority of Nigeria’s parliament, in line with the wishes of the Nigerian people. This happened shortly after a study of 39 nations around the world by the U.S. Pew Research Center came up with a finding which indicated that 98 per cent of Nigerians were opposed to the idea of Gay Marriage.”

“Immediately after I took this patriotic action, my government came under almost unbearable pressure from Mr. Cameron, who reached me through envoys, and made subtle and not so subtle threats against me and my government.”

“In fact, meetings were held at the Obama White House and at the Portcullis House in Parliament UK, with the then Nigerian opposition to disparage me, after I had signed the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill into law.”


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