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Photo News: Gulfstream Delivers Personalized Aircraft; G700 For Every Mission

. What shape does your ambition take?
Gulfstream G700 flying through clouds
Two white leather chairs in luxury aircraft aisle

UltraLarge Cabin

Gulfstream G700™

The new flagship has arrived. Live life to the fullest in the tallest, widest and longest cabin in the industry.

7,500 NM

(13,890 km) Maximum Range1


Living Areas


Maximum Mach

G700 flying over mountains
View of bed and dresser in luxury aircraft
G650ER at sunset

Ultralarge Cabin

Gulfstream G650ER™

The beyond beckons. Stretch the limits of possibility in the high-speed, ultralong-range G650™. Or go even farther in the G650ER—the speed record-holder for the farthest flight in business aviation history.

Airplane flying above green space and river
Closeup shot of aircraft tail against the sky background
G650 interior

7,500 NM

(13,890 km) Maximum Range2


Living Areas


Maximum Mach

Interior of luxury aircraft

Tailored Interior

The Gulfstream Cabin Experience

We set the industry standard for comfort and productivity. You’ll feel refreshed by the whisper-quiet environment, low cabin altitude, 100 percent fresh air replenished every two minutes and panoramic oval windows that suffuse the cabin with natural light.

Close-up of cupholder and leather arm rest inside aircraft
G600 flying over water
Leather seat

Large Cabin

Gulfstream G600™

Where intuition meets intelligence. The Symmetry Flight Deck™ introduced the industry to technological advances that increase precision, comfort and safety.

6,500 NM

(12,038 km) Maximum Range1


Living Areas


Maximum Mach

G600 flying in the clouds
Interior long view of aircraft
G500 flying over clouded sky.

Large Cabin

Gulfstream G500™

Speed sculpted. The G500 introduced the industry’s most aerodynamically efficient and advanced wing.

5,200 NM

(9,630 km) Maximum Range2


Living Areas


Maximum Mach

G550 aircraft flying over mountains

Large Cabin

Gulfstream G550™

Proven performance. With robust capabilities, flexible configurations and the maximum payload in its class, the G550 propels your mission.

Aircraft interior couch and leather chairs
G550 flying in the clouds

6,750 NM

(12,501 km) Maximum Range3


Living Areas


Maximum Mach

Leather couch in an aircraft interior
G280 flying over mountains


Gulfstream G280™

Access granted. The agile G280 thrives in the most challenging scenarios, from short runways to hot and high-elevation airports.

3,600 NM

(6,667 km) Maximum Range4


Living Areas


Maximum Mach

G280 flying over water
G280 cabin interior
G650 C2 executive airlift.
Medevac aircraft interior

Trusted Platform

Special Missions

Gulfstream aircraft are the first choice for vital missions including head-of-state transport, airborne early warning, ground surveillance, maritime patrol and aeromedical evacuation.

TRSA Special Missions aircraft flying
G550 special missions aircraft

Fly Farther Faster

Comparative Range Map

Choose your aircraft below, and then select your departure city and your cruise speed.

7,500 nm / 13,890 km
Mach 0.856
7,500 nm / 13,890 km
Mach 0.857
6,500 nm / 12,038 km
Mach 0.857
5,200 nm / 9,630 km
Mach 0.858
6,750 nm / 12,501 km
Mach 0.807
3,600 nm / 6,667 km
Mach 0.809
Map data ©2019 Google, INEGI

1NBAA IFR theoretical range at Mach 0.85 with 8 passengers, 4 crew and NBAA IFR reserves. Actual range will be affected by ATC routing, operating speed, weather, outfitting options and other factors. All performance is based on preliminary data and subject to change.


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