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Over 3 Million National Identity Numbers Stolen As Hacker Breaks Into NIMC Database

Data of over 3 Million Nigerians at National Identity Management Commission has been tampered with or completely stolen after Sam – a certified hacker broke into the server of the commission on Monday

Disclosing this, the hacker boasted of how easy it was for him to break into NIMC database to access private and personal information of a lot of Nigerians, an article he shared on,.

The hacker said that he got full access to ‘juice’ on NIMC server and that he could do whatsoever he wishes to do with those delicate information at his disposal.

The hacker said, “I’ve got one more output for s3 bucket, I casually tried to access it without any hope, and damn! The s3 bucket is full of juice” he went ahead; “I just simply got access data of internal files, users and everything they have. I can download everything, even the whole bucket. I am sure that the bucket is full of juice”

“I wanted to look at more files but as we have to follow bug bounty rules I stopped doing more.

“I’ve got one more s3 bucket with nuclei and it also contained about 4–5 gigs of data.

“I’ve rewarded $5250 for only one report and $0 for the second one even it contained so much sensitive data,” the hacker wrote in the article that has continued to generate reactions from some Nigerians on Twitter especially tech enthusiasts.

This development comes after the head of the agency Dr Isa Pantami was controversially made a professor of Cyber Security by the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) who had earlier mandated Nigerians to enroll for National Identification Number.He also claimed that it was going to stop crimes in the country including those perpetrated via the Internet.


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