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Opinion: Do You Believe 5G Is Evil?

Please stop sending me stupid inbox messages of how 5G is causing corona virus, or how Bill Gates wants to implant chips in your body in the name of vaccine, or how French Doctors want to come and kill you in Africa.

Do you even stop and think? Does any of these mumbo jumbo make any sense to you? Some people are just crazy. Somebody sits down and concocts rubbish and the people are up in a frenzy!

I cannot understand the black man. Vaccines you cannot make! Somebody else does and gives you for free you cannot be grateful! Did you know that your grandparents had 10 to 15 children so that they may have up to 3 to 5 surviving children, because so many children died in infancy and childhood?

Do you know that it is immunization that stopped such high infant mortality? Has any of you sharing these things seen the disease called diphtheria, or pertussis, or polio, or even tetanus? Do you know that it is free immunization that wiped out these child killers? Did you pay for any of that immunization? Do you know that your government pays little or nothing for all that immunization? Somebody else paid for it so you can live.

Now you and your spouse can decide to have only 2 children without fear, courtesy of immunizations paid by foreign agencies and governments. But be grateful? Nope. Everyday it is one conspiracy theory or the other.

The other time they said they are using immunization to sterilize our women, yet our population continues to explode! HIV positives can live a normal life now, on free drugs paid for by foreign governments and agencies, yet you said they want to reduce your population with antiretroviral drugs. There is no kind of nonsense theory I have not read.

Please tell me, what does your mind tell you Bill Gates has to gain by killing your miserable selves? You complain your own billionaires are not doing anything to assist you, yet you vilify the ones that do. Dude has made limitless money! But because they think differently he is looking to make a difference with his money.
Do you know that he spends more money on so many diseases killing your people than even your own government does?

You theorize about how everyone else wants to hurt you except the ones that are actually finishing you off…. your politicians. Please for the umpteenth time the main people underdeveloping, killing, destroying, mutilating, annihilating Nigerians are your own leaders. You see it in their decisions, attitudes, laws they make, etc.

Focus your energy on them, maybe you will begin to see the light because I believe hunger and suffering is part of the reason why you believe such nonsense.

By Cyprian Umeugokwe


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