Yes, according to Shehu Sani, Senator representing Kaduna Central. Is the Senator right? May be, may be not.

The post of the chairman of any major political party in Nigeria is built with banana peels. To stand erect, firm and be able to hold out the pillars against the vortex of contesting forces in normal periods is a herculean task. To do so in an election period is highly awkward and unwieldy. It is a job that demands dexterity, patience, abundant wisdom and diplomacy. In practical terms, Oshiomole is not even sitting on dry gun powder. He has his butts on several dynamites that have been lit long before he set out to take the baton from Oyegun.

No doubt, Oyegun’s tenor was without colour. He sat comfortably in Abuja while the APC was experiencing scattered ‘bush fires’ in the various states. Now, those bush fires are bristling and harbouring the threat of dangerous infernos that may inflict a yet to be determined injuries on the party.

The Tinubu reconciliation task force never got off the starting block. He was himself, the highest aggrieved person in the party hierarchy. But with the Convention over and Tinubu singing Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ to President Buhari, that end seems quiet, stable and within control. At least, for now. You never can tell when and how a political windstorm begins and what it may consume. Politics is a high stake game of fluid interest.

Nevertheless, the seismic activities from the core to the crust of the APC in many states remain strong and troubling. You can hear the rumbling from a million miles. Whether the rumbling and occasional spewing of ashes into the air may still lead to an uncontrollable lava flow remains an irritating danger for the Party even after the convention.

Here in the Nation’s capital, ‘the love affair’ between President Buhari and the leadership of the National Assembly reminds you of the dysfunctional relationship between Princes Diana and Prince Charles before they both went their separate ways. Everyone knew the chemistry that led to their marriage of the century was long gone before the eventual divorce. In the case of President Buhari and the National Assembly, love was not ever on the table.

Dogara and Saraki are holding the ‘Tambuwalian’ ace card very close to their chest. You will only know which flight they are on at the last boarding call. While both of them may still, once in a while, share a meal and pray together with the President, they remain committed to stabbing themselves fatally whenever the opportunity calls for it. As for the rest of the National Assembly members, it is a game of Russian Roulette. After the shootout and smoke cleared, we shall know who is standing with the President and who is not. For now, what we have is an indistinct sound from members who are wearing coats of many colours and engaged in many nocturnal political activities.

Therefore, while Oshiomole is well known for his doggedness and willingness to take on daunting tasks, in this case, he is walking into a colony of killers bees. The level of discontent within the APC is very high. There is no assurance that deals can be brokered fast before the elections or even if they are, that the contending parties will have faith that promises will be kept. Looking back to antecedents will leave many scratching their heads over the possibility of being suckers twice. The outcome of the convention has created a great divide between losers and winners. And politics in Nigeria is a zero game. Winner takes it all.

Meanwhile, the nPDP has morphed into RAPC (R for reformed) and have begun calling the APC unprintable names. Is there still a window to hold back the group? Possible but unlikely. They are already at the public square waiting for suitors. But how much ‘Suarez bite’ the group can inflict on the APC remains to be seen. By the way, why did the group drop the name they have been known by all these years at the eve of their departure? They are not planning to reform the APC, are they? Is it that the previous name has a baggage they want to get rid off. Many questions in the air, few answers anywhere.
For Senator Shehu, Oshiobaba, may have come late, too late.

Nevertheless, if Oshiobaba, the lion heart is able to navigate his party over the existing landmines to a presidential win in 2019, he will deserve the highest honour of the land. The countdown has begun.