This is what we have been waiting for. Action! 1-2-3 and you strike like a black mamba. You throw a flame into the anthill and every little creature runs away in confusion. We are glad that you have woken up from your long and deep sleep.

While you snoozed, so many things happened but you never woke up though the whole country wailed. Some of your Hench men have either been accused or indicted of one thing or the other but you remained strangely stoic as if you are hard of hearing. In a way, you have validated the accusations that your fight against corruption is a one way street.

Straight from your long sleep, you are up, signing bills, dissolving and appointing boards and kicking butts.
These are some of the things Nigerians expected you to do long ago but you didn’t.

I hope this CJN case will not cause you more trouble than you bargained for. The speed of events from petition to arraignment and commencement of trial are uncharacteristic of you and this administration.

In the first place you didn’t want to appoint Onnoghen as CJN. It took intense pressure for you to yield at the very last hour. Therefore, when your previous reluctance to appoint and the speed of the removal are matched, a storyline of initial intent is clearly established.

As things stand, the constitution does not appear to be on your side. You can only remove the CJN in conjunction with two-thirds majority of the National Assembly. That is the due process.

Meanwhile, the Court of Appeal is already sitting on the matter and due to deliver a judgement. So, why the rush? Why not allow the legal system to provide cover for your original intention whatever that may be and at least create doubts in the mind of some Nigerians.

The speculation going round that this whole drama has to do with the elections is very dangerous. It provides anyone who has planned any form of disruption during the elections a good cover.

Irrespective of what you think, Nigeria remains fragile as at today. It is very easy for one unfortunate event to lead to a number of unexpected turn. We all need to be very careful in the choices we make and the actions we take. Otherwise, the empire might crumble on all of us.