Mr. President, beware of the rage of swelling rivers.

There is a storm brewing in the physical horizon. Your backyard is gradually being converted into a play ground for lightening and thunder.

It is beginning to appear that it would rain like never before a few moons from now after the end of the fasting period.

And the rivers may swell and explode in a feral rage, tumbling and crumbling all in their way down to the riotous foaming mouth of the big blue ocean.

Mr. President, don’t say you are not hearing the whooshing sound of the westerly winds, harbingers of terror looming in bushes around the villa.

Don’t listen to the marabouts around you, who brew kegs of blackish ostrich concoctions for you to drink and go to bed snoring when something foreboding is snarling by your windows.

Mr. President, the new mob is up in the mountains, Slashing themselves in a drunken stupor, calling on their myriads of gods to come down and compel you to take an unplanned trip to Daura.

Mr. President, look across the green fields and see the throngs congregating, armed with poisoned arrows calling down evil on your administration.

Look closely, Mr. President, some of the mobs now up in arms against you swore publicly in 2015 that you were the long awaited prophet that will deliver a forsaken country.

Some trekked hundreds of miles to celebrate your grand entry into the villa were strange things happen and wise men take to their heels leaving cuckoos to preside and speak in tongues unknown to the good and great land.

Some went up trees and bill boards to behold thy face and be blessed. Some drove bikes to their death to express their joy over your coming.Some dined and drank with you in thy palace and pledged eternal loyalty.

Now a new fireworks have begun. A bundle of burning coal has been thrown into your beautiful heap of ants.

Who is with you, Who is against you, when all the chips are counted.
Thou shall know soon, hopefully not from your ranch in Daura.

So, don’t dismiss the ranting of the village square drunkard. Beware of the rage of swelling rivers!