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“If You Pray For God To Have Mercy On Your Enemies, You Will Not Last” – Pastor Ibiyeomie

The founder of salvation ministries in porthacourt Rivers State Nigeria, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, in his sermon during the Glory Reign, program preached on the things the Holy Spirit can do for a believer.

The clergyman revealed that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of vengeance and judgment.

He said that some people might not like that point. He rebuked people from praying for God to have mercy on their enemies. He said that Christians who pray such prayers would not last.

“If an armed robber points a gun to your face, will you pray for God to have mercy on him? You pray for him to die,” the pastor said.

He then proceeded to lay fearful curses on the enemies of the members of his church.

“God is a killer God,” he said. “I pray your enemies see the killer side of God today!”

He told the story of how a particular cult was out to get him when he started ministry in Port Harcourt. He said that when they tried to destroy him spiritually and failed, they tried to tarnish his image by speculating that the reason he could not open branches was that he buried an egg in his altar, and the miracles he did would not be replicated in other branches.

By the time he started to open branches, the members of the cult began to die one after the other. He said only one member was left, who confessed everything, gave his life to Christ, and was now a member of the church.

He told his congregation that if he prayed for God to show mercy to the occultic group, perhaps he would have been dead by now.


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