Wednesday, March 22, 2023


The Rigging of Bayelsa: Dickson overrated his strength I wouldn’t bother to say much about a State like Kogi where all armed robbers around that zone were let loose to unleash violence and pains upon their own people, while their ‘supervisors’ from the Federal to State level smiled at them and patted them on their backs. I bother and worry about a product of time and chance who God gave an opportunity from nowhere to govern Bayelsa State, but allowed the sweetness of power to swallow him so much so that he attempted to outshine and rubbish his political father. He did not only treat GEJ with disdain, he treated his own party people in his State and neighbouring States like Rivers as though they didn’t exist. It is the opinion of many that he worked against his party during the last Rivers elections. I’ve never met him before and never wished to, but a look at him from a distance shows no reflection of humility. He thought he could do it alone. But for some of us, we saw his failure coming the moment the PDP primaries in Bayelsa was concluded. He knew the candidate he chose didn’t reflect the pulse of his party men, especially the party elders in his State, but he chose to foist him on them. Capacity becomes capacity when you have the people backing you. Dickson lost capacity the day he turned his back on his people, especially his party members and leaders. He overrated his strength. You don’t go to war with a divided house, especially when you know you’re fighting against the forces of State. You can hardly make it without a united front. This was more than gamble. Now that he has seen the result of arrogance, selfishness, needless gamble and disloyalty to party hierarchy, it’s not too late for him to go back and apologise to his party folks in his State and neighbouring States, especially the leader of the PDP in his State and the father and Patron of the Ogbia brotherhood. However, I’m still very convinced that the Bayelsa story is far from over. The hand of God has the final say and may just point elsewhere. Let’s keep watching. ▪Alabo Dax George

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