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Fayemi Meets Alaafin Over Hierarchy Tussle Of Ekiti Kings

After receiving Alaafin’s letter of caution, Governor Kayode Fayemi drove to Oyo this afternoon to explain things instead of replying him by official letter

Ekiti Kings refused to attend council of Obas meeting because they feel slighted by the appointed head of the council, whom they alleged is their junior by rank. The confrontation many are speculating could lead to their dethronement – citing Sanusi vs Ganduje as example.

Ekiti will seek other means to settle the hierarchy tussle among Ekiti Kings which the state issued insubordination queries to few days ago. Alaafin warned Fayemi from toeing same path like Ganduje to rubbish Yoruba traditional Kings by querying them. He advised him to use diplomacy to settle the tussle.

The Governor will meet the Kings after his meeting with Alaafin and things should smoothen up afterwards


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