Saturday, May 27, 2023
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Buhari’s Nigeria Is A Hopeless Case – Farook Kperogi

“I’ve become emotionally distant from Nigeria again. I’ve stopped social media commentaries on Nigeria (except for this one) because I’m too distressed to bother. Buhari’s Nigeria is a hopeless case. The rot is irremediable.

“I may gain back my enthusiasm, as it often happens, but I’m right now at my lowest emotional ebb about Nigeria. Almost every minister in Buhari’s new cabinet is a conscienceless criminal. I’m being inundated with lots of privileged and credible information about the rot in the government that the news media have refused to publish but that will shock the heck out of people if made public.

“My head is spinning. It’s never been this bad. And, sadly, it’s only going to get worse. We have no president. Neither do we have a country. Buhari’s Nigeria is an ungoverned jungle and a paradise for corrupt people.”


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