The Founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has revealed 50 prophecies for 2019, including 19 things God told him.

1. Great agricultural boost for South Africa
2. I saw an eclipse
3. 2019 Nigeria election- 100% rigged
4. Northern response to election results to shock the incumbent Government. They had strong response from the south.
5. Election- Nigeria vs Military/ Police
6. China to openly confront America
7. Great set back economically
8. Election funds controversy/scandal
9. Biafra struggle to gain massive support
10. A new activist to launch campaign against presidency
11. 2019, a shock for Governors
12. Ghana economy to get foreign support
13. I saw another missile test in North Korea
14. Nollywood to merge internationally
15. I see a major breakthrough in the cure for HIV
16. Muhammadu Buhari needs prayer, please sir , go and rest
17. Abubakar Atiku should focus on North during campaign
18. I see an Igbo Presidency in 2023 but they must not have any deal with present Government
19. Tinubu should forget 2023
20. I see internet fraudsters, new ritualistic ways of making money( blood hunt)
21. A presidential aspirant to be arrested
22. I saw Boko Haram invade a police station
23. The Almighty God is unhappy at the continued detention of El- Kazakh
24. APC wins Lagos election
25. Keystone banks needs prayers
26. ASUU to pray against losing a top member
27. I saw a major politician declared missing
28. WAEC to be re-modeled
29. I saw farmers package welfare from the government and it results to crisis between them and the state government
30. I saw most Eastern states won by APC at the National level
31. Strange killings in Togo
32. Mali should pray against strange virus outbreak
33. The Government should protect police station and military barracks because I see people break in searching for arms
34. I saw fire outbreak in a media house
35. I saw a Nigerian airline grounded totally
36. America should not relax a deadlier terrorist group is emerging
37. I saw a probe group disgrace U.S government
38. Donald Trump to lose 2nd term
39. Brexit crises to implode U.K
40. I saw a terrorist attack in America
41. Fire outbreak in Canada but quickly managed
42. Nigeria to win awards and relevance in cyber world
43. Let’s declare a prayer day against massive bloodshed in Rivers state ( Too ugly)
44. saw a horse, written on it was ‘ pray against Americans being homeless. I saw something happen that made them scampering for safety. Natural disaster
45. July and August in Nigeria, serious prayer.
46. Many weddings, 2019 is a year of multiple marriage
47. I saw people with children in multiples of triplets and twins
48. Pensioners to smile
49. I saw a lot of politicians in Prison
50. A top legislator in USA and a known senator- peaceful passing away.

19 things God told Apostle Johnson Suleman for 2019…

1. You’ll not be stranded.
2. You’ll only shed tears of joy
3. Sickness will be far from you
4. The God you’ve been looking for will start looking for you.
5. When you call one helper, 100 will answer.
6. Greatness will follow you naturally
7. No bad news from any source
8. You’ll not bury your loved ones
9. Enemies pursuing you shall miss their target.
10. All your projects shall be completed this year.
11. You won’t have enough space because of too much blessings.
12. You will understand God’s word like never before.
13. Angels will attend to you in the 365 days
14. Your prayer life will not go down again
15. You will magnet money
16. Your new name shall be too much favour
17. The church shall feel your impact positivity
18. Your nation shall not experience war this year
19. Peace and goodness shall envelop you and your family.


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