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2023: Beware, Politicians Are Not Genuine Corn Eaters

Corn-eating is a pre-election activity. This grain has assumed an amazing political value and potency.

Hardly will any election campaign season pass that you will not find a politician and his/her associates in the street munching roasted corn.

The truth is that the politicians are not genuine corn-eaters. They do not care about the taste or nutritional value of the corn. While the corn is in mouth, their heart is not in the corn.

A politician told me that “even if corn is out of season during campaigns, they will eat mango or any other plant that is common in the streets.”

In as much as corn-eating is not harmful to the body or the economy, however, if these politicians will do more of corn-planting than corn-eating, it will contribute more to food security and reduce poverty and unemployment.

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