The presidential aspirant of the Peoples Coalition Party (PCP), Don Anthony Harmattan, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to apologise to the nation’s youths in view of the statement credited to him denigrating the younger members of the Nigerian society.

This is as he called on the Federal Government to urgently find ways of curbing the incessant killings of innocent Nigerians by herdsmen and personnel of security agencies throughout the land.

Harmattan made these known in his declaration speech while making bold to declare his intention of gunning for presidency in the forthcoming general elections slated for 2019.



The PCP leader’s intent was made known in a statement he personally signed and circulated to the press after his meeting with the National Executive Committee of the party where he formally made his declaration. It will be recalled that that President Buhari while at the meeting in London referred to a lot of Nigerian youths as being lazy.

The statement has since been attracting a lot of Nigerians who cut across all divides. Harmattan in his statement asked the President to apologise to the nation’s youths who he said formed the bulk of those who voted him to power.

He said, “President Buhari must realise that he and his family are the greatest beneficiary of free oil money. A man who lives in glass house should not throw stones. President Buhari should tell Nigerians where his son got money to buy German power bike if not the free oil money now controlled by him.”

The presidential aspirant and leader of the PCP also called on the Nigerian youths to take advantage of the platform now being provided by his party to aspire to greater heights and show that Nigerian youths are hard working and resilient with proven track of good leadership. He also called on the government to take urgent steps to curb the incessant killings of innocent Nigerians by herdsmen and law enforcement officers throughout the country.

While declaring his intention, Harmattan called on Nigerians to protect the nation’s nascent democracy by ensuring its continuitity through electing quality leadership and depart from the culture of enthroning mediocrity.

He said, “Over the years, civil democratization has continued to witness unabated poor and mediocre leadership in Nigeria. Nigerians have become more divided and ruled by religion or by tribe. Our common identity and goal of a united country where freedom and liberties are the core values of a modern democratic society has almost been completely eroded.

“Today Nigerians live in complete fear, citizens are butchered to death on daily basis, the government has abandoned its role as the protector of lives and properties in chase of goose and personal aggrandizement. Nigerians now beg to heavens for basic social amenities like security, electricity, healthcare and potable water to mention but a few. The most awful is that Nigerian children and youths have no more future and no hope for tomorrow.

Parents have no enabling environment to even make ends meet with daily rising cost of foods and household needs that have since surpassed the minimum wages of workers and civil servants.

A situation where a Nigerian graduate can no longer find a job has led many to hopelessness and desperation.

Our little bank savings have been chopped off by dangerous and reckless taxation of government banking policies that have wrecked Nigerians of their savings and well-being, while government, their friends, children and families live ostensibly in affluence.

With all the income generated in this country over the past 19 years of civil governance, no Nigerian government has thought it wise to invest on Nigerian citizens and broaden our capital base.

Economic policy in the last three years has been the worst in modern history of Nigeria civilization, not to talk of the current slavery cut throat petrol pump prices of 145 Naira that have left Nigerians begging for real change in government.”

Harmattan then asked Nigerians to give him a trial as he had been divinely inspired to fly his party’s ticket to contest for the highest position in the land.

“Fellow Nigerians, I have a divine mandate to restore the life and dignity of all Nigerians irrespective of the language you speak and irrespective of the state and tribe you come from. I have been called to serve and to put things right and put Nigerians first, to protect all Nigerians wherever they may chose to live and to restore the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all in one indivisible Nigeria.”

He continued, “I have therefore decided to declare to run for the office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in fulfilment of my divine calling to end all forms of exploitations and oppression against the Nigerian peoples by die hard politicians adjudged to be the most selfish in the world.”

“If voted into power, never again shall Nigerians be divided by religion and tribe.

Never again shall we buy grasses worth billions of Naira to feed cows while Nigerian children go hungry. Never again shall our youths roam the streets without jobs and never again shall our roads, schools, hospitals and power supply beg to be repaired and electricity shall be delivered to Nigerians 24 hours a day and cheaper.”



Don Anthony Harmattan hails from Abaa Autonomous Community in Oboro, Ikwuano in Abia state, had his secondary education at National Grammar School, Nike, Enugu State and advanced levels at Sokoto State. He had his tertiary education in Europe and later in the United States where I had an MBA degree with specialization in Banking and Finance.

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