The Infinix Davido Live in Concert organized by Nigeria Mega Star Musician, David Adeleke popularly called Davido in Lagos was marred by violence and rapping of girls due to insecurity.

Karimah who reacted on her twitter handle noted that she was robbed and assaulted at the InfinixDavidoLiveInConcert in Lagos and davido looked straight at her and continued the show. I lost my phone, my ATM card and all my money all because you could not pause the show and see that your fans were dying. A grown man groped me, inserted his fingers in my vagina and continuously beat me up. I fell down on broken class and you just continued.

I was literally stranded at Eko Atlantic all the way from Ikeja. I told my mum that only rapture was going to stop me from seeing Davido and I wish rapture actually happened before this concert.

Before this incident, I was like your biggest fan, I didn’t have money, but I entered a lot of fake giveaways and called by friends to send me money to come and see you at your concert. Now I am in more debt, all my properties are gone and I have a broken arm and a black eye as souvenirs from your concert the crazy thing was you looked directly at me and continued performing.

However, O.O.B observed that Davido doesn’t have to be high not to see her in a crowd of people, but might look in anyone’s direction and the person believes he is looking directly at him or her, pointing out that what happened was part of good stage performance, letting your fans feel connected to you as you perform.

Also Vote Teni at Sound City MVP, noted that he was at the show and there was a time Davido stopped performing because of what was happening.

Kunmie asserted that even people that watched the concert at home saw what happened, confirming the story of Karimah to be valid.

AJ Etim reacting to the sexual assault noted that even when you are attending a gospel concert at night, you should try your best to maintain some level of personal security. “Ok the thrend is for sexual assault. If I read her well, she talked about indecent groping and someone asked why she didn’t wear a jean? Truth is even when you are attending a gospel concert at night, you should try your best to maintain some level of personal security.

Omoniyi Israel noted that Davido just gave this guy One Million Naira because he was protecting the ladies from harassment instead of fighting for money.
Indeed, while Favour Onyeoziri had expressed delight and enthusiasm ahead of Davido concert, and how he would love to celebrate the legend who has singlehandedly lifted upcoming acts from oblivion into mainstream fame, the event was however marred with violence and rape of female folks due to insecurity.

Don Lekzy mocked the victims of the incident by saying that they should have rather stayed at home and keep warm of their bed. According to him “after beating you at the gate ba! Ehyaa, you for stay at home and warm your bed oh. Sorry.”

Mz Seen exclaimed “Azin you were fingered in that crowd, in front of the stage and Davido looked straight into your eyes? Habamana. Fear God ooooooo.

Newton Odunsi observed that the comment were gross and disheartening, saying he now understand why victims keep mum of the stigma, pointing out that the story doesn’t add up though, but sometimes the truth does not make sense.

Engr. Tolu Tezzy opined that guy over try de worry am. I no no how cute to even enter the conversation before you no baba don slide enter them.

That Girl from Edo expressed reservation over the incident, saying that as much as she try to, she did not believe, querying that how can someone rape you in the crowd, how did the guy balance you on the floor? Is it that the rest of the people shift? Koyemi, nobody came to your rescure until they even break your hand?

Chime Adioha said the story is hundred percent valid, urging the lady not to listen to everyone as it is usual phenomena in Nigeria.

Umeh noted that “so you borrowed money to attend Davido’s show? I want to use Lasisi voice to ask you a question but wait first. He looked straight into your eyes? Oshey Nneka the pretty serpent. This dodo is sweet, but the problem is that it’s burnt.



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