Not too long ago, Oshiobaba was the man. The man with the horsewhip, the axe and the cudgel. The man to clean the APC of its sludge and enthrone party discipline.

And he came highly recommended. A retired “Major General” of the NLC and a fiesty two-time Governor of the kingdom of Edo State. He was rumoured to be able to breath under water and withstand the stings of a thousand bees. He could thread on scorpions and snakes, his sponsors claimed.

And he came in a triumphant charriot, moved around and talked like an emperor. Everyone, except Mr President, was expected to bow before him or his image, as he bestrode the vast land of the APC with the almighty governors by his side searching for disgruntled elements who have sworn to cause unrest.

But all that suddenly changed when he unintentionally or intentionally stepped on the big toes of some governors who wanted their lackeys to succeed them.

Now Oshiobaba is hanging on a tree of purnishment provided by a political mob, with bullet wounds all over and bleeding dangerously. Below him is a large pond filled with sharks, crocodiles and barracudas. They are impatiently waiting for him to drop down for a nice dinner.

Gladly, Oshiobaba has a choice. He could drop down to a quick, cruel and unjust death or he can hang in there, up the tree and die a slow cruel and unjust death.



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