Presidential aide, Lauretta Onochie, has revealed that some Nigerian political elites do not want President Muhammadu Buhari to ever rule the country. Onochie said in a desperate bid to get rid of Buhari, these elites, who she did not name, have decided to chat up military officers for a coup. “They have tried everything illegal to get rid of Muhammadu Buhari. Now they are chatting with junior military officers.

“The same crop of people who led our soldiers to the slaughter while they squandered funds meant to equip them are now holding clandestine meetings with those who survived their wickedness,” she said. In an article she titled: ‘In vain they plot’, Onochie made some revelations including that those who want Buhari out at all cost have even taken their plot beyond Nigeria.

Hear her: “They rigged him out of elections in the past and now that Nigerians overpowered them with the support of the card reader, they want him dead. “In 2015, when it was obvio