Emerging report alleged that ghosts are now being used to torment the embattled Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, in the Government House.

According to reports making rounds According to unconfirmed reporty, Okorocha blamed his political opponents for harrassing him with ghosts.

“Ghosts are now being used to attack me in Government House, I do not sleep at night. As unbelievable as it might sound, It is true. I know what I battle every night in Douglas House, all because the big guys think I know too much, If not that I am someone who is so close to God, they would have succeeded in taking me down”, the above statement was credited to Okorocha, in a trending story.

However, as worrisome as the quote may be, a top source queried: “Is Okorocha referring to those who frowned at his threat to say what could lead to the razing of Aso Villa? Or is he referring to those in Imo who are almost succeeding in expelling him from APC? Who are those sending these GHOSTS to Okorocha? Where do the GHOSTS come from? Are they ghosts of the spirits of the deities of the Owerri Market demolished months ago? Are they from his party, APC? Are they from Imo APC, or the National Executive of the party in Abuja?”

The source added: “Now that GHOSTS are making our Governor restless and SLEEPLESS IN DOUGLAS HOUSE, what do we do as Imolites? Relocate his abode to his hometown in Orlu, or move Government House temporarily away from its present location? Thank God Mr. Governor IS CLOSE TO GOD, who has been his protector so far, according to him. Perhaps Okorocha just needs to raise this alarm for his supporters, who are shrinking and reducing by the day, to be aware otherwise, he is not really worried.”

Moreover, critics said that Okorocha is facing the repercussions of fighting too many wars, including that infamous one with the Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, who was embarrassed few months ago, by persons believed to be supporters of his anointed Candidate, Chief of Staff cum son-in-law, Uche Nwosu.

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