What is your country known for. Just like individuals can be creative, so do countries. Right before our eyes , in a little above 30 years, we have seen the United Arab Emirates transform from a hostile desert into one of the most innovative and beautiful countries in world.

Estonia, a former Soviet Union Territory, now a European Union country, is beginning to carve a niche for itself like the United Arab Emirate.

Beginning on July 1st 2018, all residents of that country will have the grand privilege of a bus transportation to and from any where 24/7 without spending a dime. The country began experimenting with free transportation in it’s capital Tallinn in 2013. That scheme included all forms of public transportation for registered residents of the capital. All that is needed to get on board is a one time pass that cost 2 euros and a valid identification.
Commenting on the upcoming national bus transportation project, Allan Alaküla, Head of Tallinn European Union Office, said “Free public transport stimulates the mobility of all income groups. People go out more often, consume local goods and services and are likely to spend more money, more often”.



The free transportation bug is catching on as Paris and a few other European cities are said to be putting plans in place for their own experiment.

Estonia is not just blazing the trail in public transportation. The Baltic nation is considered to be the most digitized country in the world with almost every government service provided online. For instance, a citizen can vote online in an election and can change his vote up to ten times. Only the last vote after a cut off date counts. Besides, citizens have an access to check and confirm that their votes correctly reflects their choices.

The country invites people from all over the world to take up its digital citizenship. A service which enables them register companies in Estonia and have access to European financial resources. As a digital citizen, you don’t have to reside in Estonia.



Estonia also offers free DNA analysis for it citizens in other to profile the diseases they may be vulnerable to and personalize the Medicare.
Again , what is your country, Nigeria known for?

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